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Security and Replacement Hardware

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It only takes 6 seconds to break into a typical garage. It only takes 6 minutes to prevent this threat with SecureShield.


Six Second Break-In

Almost every overhead garage door opener is equipped with a quick release lever for emergency purposes. A wire coat hanger or a wire hook and six seconds are the only things a criminal needs to gain entry into your home, threaten your family, and destroy your peace-of-mind. This is known as the “Six Second Break-In”

How it Works

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SecureShield prevents overhead garage door break-ins.1 This patent pending design mounts around the emergency release lever and protects it from outside access.

  • Easy to install!
  • Works with most garage doors
Protect Your Home with SecureShield
1 Secure Shield is designed to work with all chain drive and screw drive garage door openers. It will not work with belt drive garage door openers and all models made by Linear®